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BBC is the one and only mass-media company in our game.

If you want to affect the stock market and earn money, or win more influence – PUBLISH NEWS!

  • A piece of news is a short (one or two-sentence) description of an important event. You can invent ANY piece of news! No more than three lines please. Write it down on a slip of paper and submit it to the press centre. We will charge you money to publish each piece of news, but it is a great investment!
  • News will affect  the stocks. You will get an influence card, too, as soon as you publish.

What is breaking news?

  • When you already have some influence cards that you won in some way, you can push your piece of news to the top –make it BREAKING NEWS. It will influence the stocks much more! To push a piece of news to the top, give away one (better – more) influence cards. The more influence you use – the more important your news will be.

So – what are you waiting for? Start publishing your thrilling news!

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