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Why take part in tv-debates?

  • Taking part in the debates will give you lots of fun, money  and – influence! The winner of the debates will get 5 influence cards + some money, the loser will get one influence.

How do I take part in the debates?

  • The debate statements will be hung up in the pub.
  • You can invent your own statement (show it to the Editor-in-Chief  - Kate - first).
  • If you want to take part in the debates, tell the BBC Editor-in-Chief  (Kate). We will then find an opponent for you, and you will have some time to prepare your lines of argumentation for or against the statement (as you choose).
  • You must invent 3 – 5 arguments to support your line.
  • When ready, you will be let into the TV studio for a live recording of the show.
  • The Debate will be watched by the audience. The audience will vote for the best debater. The winner will be publicly announced awarded after the debates. The losing side will get a small compensation anyway.

Go on – express your position! Debate and win!

Денис Торгашов-Мартьяновmastermaster


BBC is the one and only mass-media company in our game.

If you want to affect the stock market and earn money, or win more influence – PUBLISH NEWS!

  • A piece of news is a short (one or two-sentence) description of an important event. You can invent ANY piece of news! No more than three lines please. Write it down on a slip of paper and submit it to the press centre. We will charge you money to publish each piece of news, but it is a great investment!
  • News will affect  the stocks. You will get an influence card, too, as soon as you publish.

What is breaking news?

  • When you already have some influence cards that you won in some way, you can push your piece of news to the top –make it BREAKING NEWS. It will influence the stocks much more! To push a piece of news to the top, give away one (better – more) influence cards. The more influence you use – the more important your news will be.

So – what are you waiting for? Start publishing your thrilling news!

Денис Торгашов-Мартьяновmastermaster


This shop works non-stop, at any time offering you a variety of goods: luxury objects, social objects and even scientists!

The assortment will be renewed several times, so come back for new goods.

  • Some goods have a fixed price, while others will be auctioned, so their price is the starting price and may change.
  • The more goods you buy, the more likely you are to win. In addition, some goods will give you influence – and that will help you in the game, so get as much of it as you can!
  • If you purchased (bought) a car, a house or an island, or another luxury object, you can later pawn it HERE in the shop and get money for it.
  • Social objects cannot be pawned!

If you purchase a scientist, he will improve some industries (their shares will go up in price!) The rules are written on the scientists’ cards.

Денис Торгашов-Мартьяновmastermaster



This is your influence card. The more influence you have, the more advantage you get in the game!


How to get more influence cards:

  • Invent and publish news. One piece of news gives you + 1 influence

Where? Go to BBC Press Centre.

  • Purchase (buy) goods, businesses and luxuries, and build social objects (schools, churches…) Each object will give you one or more influence cards.

Where?  Go to the shop.

  • Take part in TV debates. The winner gets + 5 influence. The loser gets + 1.  Both the winner and the loser will be paid $ for taking part.

How? Go to BBC Press Centre.


How to use your influence:

  • Get the professional stock prices forecast for the next year - pay 2 influence cards.
  • Make your news “Breaking News” (influences stock prices much more!) – costs 1 or more influence. Ask the BBC press-centre.
  • Get a loan in the bank. The more cards you’ll give away, the more $$ the banker will give you. 
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